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Devil Dance Masks of Sri Lanka

Garra yakka mask, 9 3/4 inches

As an expactriate Sri Lankan I often go to many a Sri Lankans living Outside the country. I often see many of them have trophy collections of African Masks in their homes. However, I never see a good collection of Sri Lankan masks, except for a laquire Painted “Laksala” Garaa Yak Moona that is highly over utilised. I often think that Sri Lankan Masks, the tradition of “Thovils” and the all-night pagents of “Daha Ata Sanniya” are going to die within our generation. I only hope that new generation of “Yakaduraa” would emerge in our society. I would really like to see that these rituals become the “Next Big Fad” among the rich and powerful of our country, hence those will be performed to bring in prosperty to home and get rid of bad luck at the rich people houses. (as much as we do a all night Pirith Pinkama, An all nigh 18 sanniya could be a great idea to bring in good blessings and gather the sociaty together)

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