Angampora – An Art, A lifestyle and a Fighting technique

Dandubasnaamaanya has created a renewed interest in ancient Sri Lankan Sri Lankan marshal art technique called angampora.  It is nice to see that there is some concentrated effort in the country to revitalise this ancient art and take it forward to the next generation.  Following text is from a wonderfully done website of

“Anga” in the native tongue is body and “Pora” signified  combat ( Singhala is the native language of the Sinhalese who are the majority in the country ). Body combat also unarmed combat, was called Angampora as only the human body parts were used to fight.

Main parts in Angampora are

  • Gataputttu ( Locks and grips)
  • Pora Harammba (Offense and defense techniques)
  • Maru Kala (Nerve point attacks)



is the techniques that Angam fighter using to weak, kill or disarm the enemy. To placing gataputtu  on enemy Angam fighter use his body parts like hands, legs, head..ect..ect. Angam discpile must learn how to place  gataputtu on opponent and also he must learn how to redeem from
gataputtu if some one place gataputtu on him. Without using proper redeem techniques its impossible to redeem from gataputtu. Gataputtu is a
major part of Angampora and it has very big pool of techniques. Machmore detailed information can be read at




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