Event No 1-A: Sri Lankan History – දන්න නොදන්න ඉතිහාසය

Sigiriya : (from http://www.wayfaring.info/category/topics/adventure/page/74/)

Sri Lanka is emerging from a conflict that was the background to our daily lives for last 30 years.  Like all other elements, the Sri Lankan history was used, abused and incriminated by various propaganda campaigns.  In this hour it may be a good idea to look back in to our history and get reminded of the 2500 year journey our country.

Any history lesson we get is an as accurate as the perception of the presenter. Therefore we will never know what really happened. However, if we listen to various theories, ideas and interpretations from various intellectuals, we may be able to get a basic understanding…

  • Was there a Tamil Kingdome in ancient Sri Lanka?
  • Are we really the decedents of King Vijaya?
  • Is King Dutugamunu really related to Lord Buddha
  • Are you sure that last Sinhala King of Sri Lanka is Sree Wikrama Rajasinghe ?
  • What is the Heritage of Sri Lankan Moors?

These are some subjects that even lead in to Bomb blasts and suicide killings. But if we examine them like true intellectuals, we might be able to understand what others believe in and why they believe such.  If so can we create a debate that would result creating harmony among the social groups by understanding each other?

Let’s start this with by reexamining some of the historical aspects well established among us. Is it really true, what is the evidence that support such or otherwise.  Let’s debate on what the history really means. Let’s discover the facts that were hidden under the generations of folklore.

Who else could kindle the light for the debate than Mr. Jackson Anthony?  He has created controversy in the last few years, first when he presented the famous television series on Sri Lankan History and then famously was (mis) quoted as stating “President Rajapkasha is related to Dutugamunu”. Can we have an opportunity to listen to his ideas, Question, debate and even learn few facts?

We have invited Mr. Jackson Antony to visit us in Dubai, provide us with few drops of knowledge on Sri Lankan history. Then share the debate, discussion and a Tea with us to rekindle our interest in the history of our mother nation on 23rd of September at … Hotel …

This event is by invitation only. Limited seats available.  AED 75 per person charge includes snacks and refreshments.  If you wish to get involved please send an email to info@mandapa.org

Target Audience The Sri Lankan expat community in UAE- (Focused on Dubai) It is often noted that Many Sri Lankan expats do not have opportunities to intellectually get engaged in cultural aspects related to the Country. Over period, we lose our interest, knowledge and the passion for the history of Sri Lanka.As adults, all of us know something about the Sri Lankan history. But our focus is to get a person or two to bring in new perspective to our understanding.  Add more fuel to our thinking process and re-kindle the interest on the history of our country.Also, this would give us an opportunity find few place that we could visit in the next vacation.
Presenter Jackson Anthony
Language Sinhala
Date 30 Sept 201
Format Seminar type presentation with Visual aids
Audience Size 150  persons
  • A discussion forum after the stage
  • An informal discussion/gathering
Follow-up activities
  • Video of the speech on the net
  • Transcription of the speech on the net
  • Create discussions on the net
Seating Seminar Seating arrangement
F&B Snacks / Soft drinks
Costs AED 75, per person to cover F&B expenses.


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9 Responses to Event No 1-A: Sri Lankan History – දන්න නොදන්න ඉතිහාසය

  1. A proud Sri Lankan Citizen says:

    Very interesting… But although the topic runs through the cross-section Sri Lanka’s multiculturalism & roots of the “diversity in communities” ; one of the prominent aspect is missing from the listed issue to be debated or preached during the event.
    I feel is very much appropriate to include a discussion on the roots of Christianity in Sri Lanka, its influence in post colonial Sri Lankan politics and the role it played in the “North/ East” and “South” during the recently concluded terrorist campaign against sovereignty of the country & its people.

    Also, I am interest to know the academic or any other qualification Mr. Jackson Anthony hold in the field of History. Please publish his credentials in the study of History and the number of publication he has authored so far in Sri Lankan History.

    I hope I am not sounding just like another racist.

  2. Rangana Kandambi says:

    We appreciate very much the opportunity provided by Mandapa to get engaged in a fruitful, interesting and an intriguing session with Jackson Anthony.. Thank you very much

  3. Rangana Kandambi says:

    A suggestion… If you guys can upload the video of the presentation here or in any website that can be shared…

  4. Lakshitha R. says:

    I would just like to congratulate the organisers on an excellent program, where all of us had the opportunity to learn things we did not know, about the significance of our ‘small’ island, in the ancient world.

    It is to the immense credit of Jackson’s vast knowledge on the subject and his skills as an orator, that all the audience were held spellbound for well over three hours. Kudos to you as organisers for inviting the right person to talk on the right subject, which clearly was of interest to all who were present (and to many I am sure who were unfortunate to miss this wonderful event).

    Not taking anything away from a well organised and a well thoughtout program, delay caused by a certain special guest left a bit of a bad taste. While I can understand you inviting this guest, being an event organised by members of the Sri Lankan community, unfortunately such presence does not add any colour or credibility to an already well received program. In fact, in my view at least, the organisers and the distinguished orator carries much more credibility within the community than any such special guest.

    Overall, congratualtions to a job well done! The start is excellent and look forward to attending your next event.

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