Sri Lanka in the Ancient World

Jakson Anthoney

Mandapa Sri Lankan community is organising a lecture and discussion on Sri Lankan History with the famous artist  Jackson Anthony.   He has taken and invaluable job in taking the Sri Lankan history back to Ordinary Sri Lankan through his television programmes such as “Maha Sinhale Wansha kathaawa”,  “Maha Sanchaarakayaa”. 

He will be presenting a lecture  themed,
“Sri Lanka in the Ancient
on Friday the 30th of September 2011,
from 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM
Coral Deirah hotel in,
Attendance is strictly by invitation only. Should
you need further information please feel free to contact
with best regards.
If you have already confirmed the
attendance please contact us for your invitation.
Mandapa Organising committee

2 Responses to Sri Lanka in the Ancient World

  1. K.C says:

    Looks like the seats are getting filled fast. if any one wants to get in to this please contact ASAP.


  2. Wish you all the best for the event tomorrow. Hope it will be a great success !

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